This Is The NEW Fishy Business


What makes Fishy Business truly unique is the passion and knowlege each staff member has for the hobby and for the helping advise and the individual care we put into each of our customers' aquariums. This is what makes us different and this is what makes us special. Our commitment is that we aid every novice aquarist in achieving their dream no matter what size or type of aquarium they have. In every aspect we will use all the resources we have to make this hobby gratifying to each and every person we have the pleasure of meeting. Success is our sole desire - customer satisfaction our only goal!


Guy is the CEO and founder of Fishy Business. Guy has spent the majority of his life keeping fish, catching fish, displaying fish and managing all the day to day operations that have made Fishy Business South Carolina’s largest aquatic pet retailer. With 40 years experience under his belt, He has Fishy Business poised to become the largest aquatic retailer in the South-East United States with the greatest selection of aquariums, fish and supplies!


Chuck is co-owner and Vice President of Fishy Business. His tenure with Fishy Business spans 25 years and his experience with saltwater aquatics spans longer than that. His specialty is in aquatic creative design and saltwater reef keeping with day to day support of the service side of Fishy Business.


Chase is the co-general manager of Fishy Business, teaming up with Kat to create a management due unlike any other! With focus on dry goods and specialty tanks, Chase is your direct connection to all of your aquarium needs! Chase has been fish keeping for almost a decade, with his main focus on nano tanks and plants!


Mike is the backbone of Fishy Business. Mike is an expert aquarist with 30 years experience maintaining and designing aquaria. He is also our chief service tech and there is absolutely no aspect of aquarium design, service, or problem-solving he cannot perform!


Kevin is our Freshwater manager par excellence. With over 30 years taking care of aquariums, with special emphasis on hard to keep species, he is the #1 guy to see at Fishy Business with any questions, problems or advice on freshwater aquarium keeping.


Diana came to Fishy Business ready to learn! She started as our Freshwater Plant Manager, and now has taken over our saltwater fish department! Diana’s love for animals and eagerness to learn makes her a great asset to our team. She’s passionate about all aspects of the business but secretly, her heart belongs to the bettas!


If you ask Richard what he does for a living, he will tell you he is a “glorified guppy slinger”. In reality, he’s much more. Richard has been a hobbyist, worked for multiple fish stores, owned three of his own fish stores, and has settled in at Fishy Business after 35 years, as one of our most loved employees. His “Richardisms” are trumped only by his knowledge on everything aquarium related.


Trevor is a key member of our service team, here at Fishy Business. Most days, he can be found delivering, installing, or maintaining customer tanks. Trevor takes pride in everything he does. His favorite part of fish keeping is being able to keep a piece of nature at home.


Kat is the co-general manager of Fishy Business, alongside Chase. She focuses on customer service, organization, and day to day operation. She is versed in many different aspects of fish keeping, having previously worked for aquarium supply companies. At home, Kat has kept everything from saltwater reefs to goldfish to cichlids, and everything in between.


Hayden, or the “little coral specialist”, as he’s known around the store, is our Saltwater coral manager. He has been keeping fish tanks for 10 years and in the aquarium business for the last 6, with focus on corals and reef tanks. Whether you need advice on coral growth, compatibility, general information, or anything coral related, Hayden is your go-to-guy!


Andrew is a core part of our service team. He strives daily to ensure that our customers tanks are well taken care of in every aspect. His attention to detail is unmatched, and he treats every single service account like he would his own personal tank. He strives to create good business relationships with all customers, and to ensure that at the end of the day they’re not just satisfied, but happy with the services they’ve received from Fishy Business.