About us

Our company

Fishy Business was established in 1986. Over the years, we have expanded 4 different times. We are now a 10,000 square foot Aquarium Store. We carry salt and fresh water fish, live plants, live corals, and a huge selection of tanks and tank accessories.

Fishy Business is a 10,000 square foot Aquarium Super Store located in Columbia SC; Fresh and Salt Water Fish, Live Corals, Live Plants and pond fish and supplies. Specializing in standard & custom Aquariums and Cabinets.

We also offer aquarium service, installation and tank moves. We carry many brands of aquarium supplies like Aqueon, Sachem, Hagen, Eshopps, Sicce, Cobalt, Aquatop, Nature’s Ocean, Red Sea, Neptune, and Carib Sea just to name a few. Furthermore, we have a complete decoration room full of decorative Rock that has a table set up to design your decorations on.

We carry hundreds of pieces of driftwood as well. On the saltwater side, we receive 3–4 orders of fish every week and specialize in aqua cultured live corals.

We are located at 652 bush river rd, very close to I 20 and I 26.

We are happy to help with all your aquatic needs. 

Our Goal

What makes Fishy Business truly unique is the passion and knowledge each staff member has for the hobby and for the helpful advice and the individual care we put into each of our customers' aquariums. This is what makes us different, and this is what makes us special. Our commitment is that we aid every novice hobbyist in achieving their dream, no matter what size or type of aquarium they have. In every aspect, we will use all the resources we have to make this hobby gratifying to each and every person we have the pleasure of meeting. Success is our sole desire - customer