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If you’re looking for top-quality saltwater aquarium supplies—and unparalleled expertise—turn to Quantum USA. We are a veteran-owned, national distribution company for Quantum Australia, and we know our way around all things aquarium.

We are based in the Panhandle of Florida, and serve the entire USA. Our expert team is prepared to assist the individual hobbyist, advanced or novice, as well as product distributors; we’re able to offer expertise and guidance to all.

Royal Australian Chemical Institute

Our lead chemist is a member of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute, also known as RACI. RACI was founded in 1917 and acts as the main entity upholding the interests of the chemical sciences in Australia, with over 4000 members across the country. RACI also helps with career development across all chemical sciences sectors, through regular and engaging networking opportunities. In addition, they work to further chemical science knowledge in Australia.
Due to the delicate environment that saltwater tanks require, it is imperative that the products you regularly use as your saltwater aquarium supplies are carefully engineered. This ensures hobbyists can give the inhabitants of their tank the best possible environment to survive and grow.
Without organizations such as RACI, we would not be able to offer our premiere, pharmaceutical-grade saltwater aquarium supplies. The items in our collection produce no by-product, giving corals and fish a clean and healthy environment to live and grow in.

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