SICCE Scuba Heater 100 Watt Contactless

SICCE Scuba Heater 100 Watt Contactless


SICCE Scuba 100 Watt Contactless App Adjustable Aquarium Fish Tank Heater Smartphone Controlled via NFC

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Innovative heater range equipped with PATENTED "contactless" temperature electronic control.  The easiest and most immediate way to set the temperature of the heater, just hold the Sicce ContrAll App to the Heater (unplugged)

All Scubas consist of a glass body, which is fairly small in diameter compared to standard heaters. The high-performance glass ensures optimal heat dissipation, while the plastic handle allows you to grip it without the risk of getting burned.

The Scuba Contactless heater has two protections from dry-running, one electronic and the other thermal-electromechanical. This will ensure that the accessory is turned off once it is taken out of the water, to prevent overheating and failure.

Free APP to record and precisely set the water temperature as needed.

Full range from 50 Watt up to 400 Watt.

Adjustable from 15°C/59°F to 35°C/95°F with precision tolerance of ± 1°C/2°F.

Thermo safety shut-off with Run Dry Protection

Sleek design to minimize visual impact.

High thermal density and shatter resistant glass.

ON-OFF light.

5 Year Manufacture Warranty

Strong suction cups to keep the heater in place.

Key Features:









Aquarium Capacity  

40-60 L
10-15 US gal  

80-130 L
20-35 US gal  

120-180 L
31-45 US gal  

150-230 L
40-60 US gal  

200-280 L
53-75 US gal  

250-350 L
65-90 US gal  

300-480 L
80-125 US gal  


50 W

100 W

150 W

200 W

250 W

300 W

400 W

Cable length

2,2 m - 7.3 ft


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Data sheet

Aquarium capacity
20 To 35 US gal
100 W