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Weekly Updates

The sun is back and the days are longer!

Wow...what a cold and rainy winter it was.

The sun is always shining here inside our little fish store though and as its been two weeks, it is certainly time for an update!

So where to begin..?

In the saltwater department we just got in a beautiful Navarchus Angel, Clown Red Head Fairy Wrasse, Saddle Wrasse, Longnose Hawkfish, Naso Tang, Sailfin Tang, etc....with a brand new shipment of saltwater fish, corals, and inverts arriving on Wednesday!

In the freshwater department we just got in our first Koi of the season - and they look great! Lots of new goldfish varieties as well as African cichlids rounded out last weeks order and there is a very large order due in this Wednesday as well...

Now - get ready for a super, SUPER tank special: Right now we are offering a 29 gallon Bio Cube for 259.00!!!!! We have six of them, and when they are gone - they are GONE!!!!!!! 259.00!!!!!!!

Whew! Unbelievable...We also have three other tank specials you should take special note of...

Truly we have something for everyone and right now is the best time to come purchase a new aquarium. We have the best, most well rounded staff we've ever had and all of us are eager to help with any questions or problems you might have.

Come check us out!


Weekly Sales


1. 29 gallon Bio Cube Complete mini reef - sand/15lbs of live rock/tank kit/nutra seawater - 399.00!!!!!!

2. 29 gallon tank - FREE w/ purchase of one Quiet Flow 50 filter!!!!

3. 55 gallon tank - FREE w/ purchase of two Quiet Flow 55/75 filters!!!

New Products & Stock


Tank of the Month



Our all new gallery section contains the feature fish and the all new "Tank of the Month". Over time this section will only get better, so check back often for new updates!

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On Sale


We have a different selection of corals, inverts, livestock, tanks, and other products on sale at all times! Come check out what is on sale right now!

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Tank of The Month


A new feature that will be available is our "Tank of the Month." Send in your photos an descriptions and you might just be featured here! This has the element of a contest as the winner of our feature will be given a gift certificate, exposure on our website and bragging rites galore! :)

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Fishy Business is the absolute best when it comes to service. From your business to your home, we come to you and take care of any and all of your aquarium needs. What could be simpler than that?

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