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Ok. So wow....what a busy weekend!

First, I want to thank all of our customers old and new for stopping by this Saturday and Sunday. We had a great turn-out and I hope those of you watching this webpage are happy with the 25% off sale that popped up this weekend :) We will try and keep these little impromtu sales coming your way so pay really close attention to the site each week !

Now for this week....

Expect a LOT of new fish in the fresh and saltwater department for Weds! We sold almost all our saltwater fish so the time to re-group is nigh! Expect a real diversity of new animals this week :)

Oh! We have Freshwater blue Angels in stock!!! Holy Cow! When was the last time we had these...even I can't remember...but one things for sure - we wont have them long and when they're gone who knows when we will see them again! Dwarf Maculata Rasboras and Scarlett Badis are here - a great fish for freshwater planted nano tanks. We also have a great assortment of Discus which all have great color and are eating really well. We also have an abnormal amount of really nice African Peacocks Cichlids that came in last week - all of which are sporting really nice color...

So. There you have it. This week should be full of lots of new and exciting things in store for everyone and we are here to help you any way we can.

For now I wish everyone a great upcoming week and a happy Presidents Day (if you were lucky enough to get the day off) See you at the shop!


Weekly Sales


This Saturday, February 28th, stop by the store and take advantage of our 25% off ALL fish in store. We look forward to seeing you there.

New Products


Tank of the Month



Our all new gallery section contains the feature fish and the all new "Tank of the Month". Over time this section will only get better, so check back often for new updates!

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On Sale


We have a different selection of corals, inverts, livestock, tanks, and other products on sale at all times! Come check out what is on sale right now!

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Tank of The Month


A new feature that will be available is our "Tank of the Month." Send in your photos an descriptions and you might just be featured here! This has the element of a contest as the winner of our feature will be given a gift certificate, exposure on our website and bragging rites galore! :)

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Fishy Business is the absolute best when it comes to service. From your business to your home, we come to you and take care of any and all of your aquarium needs. What could be simpler than that?

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