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Brothers and Sisters of the Fish, it is I - your long lost voice from the wilderness of Fishy Business here again to spread the message of all aquatic happenings in the landscape that makes up our beautiful little Aquarium store...

Ok. So seriously. I've been away diving with Great White Sharks in Guadelupe Island and that is the honest reason there has been no update. I survived and henceforth I have returned to bring you up to speed :)

First of all, Kevin has re-arranged some of our freshwater systems to accommodate more varieties of fish. The brackish system now has doubled (as have the fish occupying said aquaria) and our oddball, rare and exotic collection of fish has doubled too. We now have twice as many discus as we've had in the last year and twice as many angelfish. Kevin is really trying to focus on bringing in fish we have never had and since the availability has been really good of late, expect to see some cool new fish this fact they are arriving at the back door as I write..!

Also! We just got in a really cool used 92 gallon corner tank with a black stand and canopy. The tank came from one of our service accounts so its in great shape and a STEAL at 600 bucks!

Also! Also! We just got in a new live saltwater aquarium food - AlgaGen. This is a fantastic food teaming with a high concentration of copepods that will entice any filter-feeding inverts or smaller fish varieties.

Also! Also! Also! We seem to have misplaced our fearless leader again. He goes by the name of Guy Griffin..? Should you happen upon him anywhere ( or should he happen upon you ) Please let him know that the State Fair is no reason to abandon his store for Edisto beach. There is much work to be done.......

Have a great week everyone,


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