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Ok. So I needed time away at Edisto Beach and now I back!

To start with, there is a lot of glass on the floor..."glass" as in AQUARIUMS! So needless to say we need it outta the first thing is to offer YOU some incredible specials.

The first thing to mention is the 29 gallon LED aquarium kits we have on sale for only 89.99!! These kits make a perfect, affordable first aquarium for anyone! Easily wrappable for a birthday gift, graduation present, or tuck it away for that special someone for Christmas - at this price you can't go wrong!!!

We have 6 Bio-Cubes left. 6. That's it. 249.99. That's it. It's the BEST DEAL EVER on the coolest little reef tank money can buy. Everybody on the planet wants a piece of the ocean in their house. You want it. Someone you love wants it. Someone you know wants it. So why don't you come get it before they're gone??!!

Okay. Now here's the big kicker....purchase either the 300 gallon deep dimension aquarium (tank,stand & canopy) or the 265 gallon aquarium (tank, stand & canopy) for the sale price of 2999.00 and get a FIVE HUNDRED DOLLAR live stock gift certificate FREE!! We are also extending the 500$ gift certificate to the brand new Red Sea NANO 450 we just got in. These are three amazing aquariums with 3 amazing extras - extras we are only offering for a short time. If you want a show tank now is the time!!!

One other aquarium special we have that"s really really nice - a 150 gallon with a cherry stand and canopy for only 1999.00. Its a tall tank that would really look impressive in a home or office!!

One more reminder - Our service crew is offering "in home/office" consult visits for only $50 in the local Columbia area. If you ever wanted an assessment of your aquarium by a team of professionals at a very affordable price - this is your ticket!!

all for now - I wish you all a GREAT week and hope to see you soon!



Weekly Sales


29 gallon Bio Cube Complete mini reef - sand/15lbs of live rock/tank kit/nutra seawater - 399.00!!!!!!



Our all new gallery section contains the feature fish and the all new "Tank of the Month". Over time this section will only get better, so check back often for new updates!

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On Sale


We have a different selection of corals, inverts, livestock, tanks, and other products on sale at all times! Come check out what is on sale right now!

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Tank of The Month


A new feature that will be available is our "Tank of the Month." Send in your photos an descriptions and you might just be featured here! This has the element of a contest as the winner of our feature will be given a gift certificate, exposure on our website and bragging rites galore! :)

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Fishy Business is the absolute best when it comes to service. From your business to your home, we come to you and take care of any and all of your aquarium needs. What could be simpler than that?

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