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As many of you know, everyone is gearing up for the Carolina Aquarium Expo this Saturday at the Jamil Temple. What many of you may not be aware of is that Fishy Business is gearing up for our presentation at the Coral show AND at our Bush River Road store location as well! While all of you will be quite inundated with corals galore I want to remind everyone that Fishy Business is getting in a huge order of Salt and Freshwater fish this week - all of which will be on sale. I would definitely urge you to come by as the new shipments will be arriving on Wednesday and whats a fish tank without a cool fish?!

All of us hope to see all of you at some point this weekend so come by the booth and say hello or come by the store and check out the new an incoming stock - and as always have a fantastic week!


Weekly Sales - (Sept. 15th - Sept. 20th)

All Sera Products 25% off
All Seachem Products 25% off
All Live Corals BUY 2 get 1 FREE!
All Saltwater Fish - BUY 1 get 1 50% off

25% Off
Coupon Expires Sept. 30th

50% Off
Coupon Good on Thursday Sept. 18th

New to Stock

Monthly Tank Special
54 Gallon Corner Bow Front
Including Overflow, Custom Stand and Canopy


Coupon Good Thru Sept. 30th
180 Gallon Tank with Overflow


75 Gallon Tank with Overflow



Tank of the Month



Our all new gallery section contains the feature fish and the all new "Tank of the Month". Over time this section will only get better, so check back often for new updates!

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On Sale


We have a different selection of corals, inverts, livestock, tanks, and other products on sale at all times! Come check out what is on sale right now!

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Tank of The Month


A new feature that will be available is our "Tank of the Month." Send in your photos an descriptions and you might just be featured here! This has the element of a contest as the winner of our feature will be given a gift certificate, exposure on our website and bragging rites galore! :)

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Fishy Business is the absolute best when it comes to service. From your business to your home, we come to you and take care of any and all of your aquarium needs. What could be simpler than that?

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